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Unfortunately we no longer offer online training. Currently we are looking for a new vendor to provide this service to our candidates. Below is a listing of training we hope to provide once we make new arrangements.

If you would like us to e-mail when training become available, drop us a note at training@excel-partners.com.

We offer online training for the application listed below

  1. Microsoft Windows Tutorial

    Microsoft Windows is a popular operating system for desktop computers. The Microsoft Windows tutorial is designed to teach the user to perform common functions, such as running applications and organizing files, as well as more advanced functions, including installing software, and adding hardware. It includes basic, intermediate and advanced tasks and strives towards mastery of the most commonly used commands. This tutorial also features some of the unique features of Windows.

  2. Microsoft Outlook Tutorial

    Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive personal information application, which combines Internet/Interoffice e-mail, a calendar and task list, address book and contact information, and notes and journals. Outlook is used to handle communication as well as organize information for individuals. It is included with Microsoft Office.

    This tutorial is designed for anyone who uses Outlook for their e-mail communication. It will improve the user's ability to use common functions such as sending e-mail and adding contacts as well as more advanced functions including arranging meetings and creating tasks. Topics include Application Features, Calendar, Contacts, E-mail, Notes, and Tasks.

  3. Microsoft Word Tutorial

    The Microsoft Word tutorial aims to improve the skill level of the user in navigating Microsoft Word 2013 as well as their ability to complete several commonly used tasks.

    Among the tasks included in this tutorial are formatting a document, inserting pictures, creating tables, sorting data, and conducting mail merges.

    The second half of the tutorial provides examples intended to familiarize the user with the full functionality of the software. Advanced formatting, Charts, Themes, Styles and Table of Contents are also addressed. The Microsoft Word tutorial is designed to prepare the user to utilize both basic and advanced features of the program on a daily basis.

  4. Microsoft Excel Tutorial

    Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application. It is included in the Microsoft Office Package, which also offers Word and PowerPoint.

    The first half of the Microsoft Excel Tutorial is designed to offer instruction to clerical-level users of Excel who are required to edit, develop, and create Excel Workbooks. This tutorial improves the user's ability to create and develop a basic Excel workbook, including the most commonly used commands for formatting cells, navigation through the application, using formulas, and changing the overall appearance of the spreadsheet.

    The second half of the tutorial provides examples intended to familiarize the user with the full functionality of the software. The primary topics include advanced formatting and formula writing. This part of the tutorial targets those who will be required to use some of the more advanced features of the program, though the bulk of their responsibilities may fall within conducting more basic level activities.

  5. Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

    Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used application for creating slide presentations with graphics, charts, colors, shapes, and movement of the slides created. It is included in the Microsoft Office Suite, which also includes Word, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, and Access.

    The PowerPoint tutorial is designed to teach the user each step in creating an exciting, unique, and personalized slide presentation that can be shown on the computer screen, or printed to transparencies and shown using a slide projector. The tutorial includes basic, intermediate and advanced tasks to show the user how to master and understand creating a dynamic presentation that can be used alone or combined with other selling tools in the business world.