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Getting Started

Finding a new career can often be a time consuming and stressful process.  Excel Partners is here to help.  Below you will find information on our application and pre-employment process.  Also included are general resume and interview tips that can be used anywhere.

Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the application process

What are the first steps of applying to a job?
The best and easiest way to apply is to review the job postings on Search Jobs and submit your resume directly online to all those that match to your requirements and qualifications. You’ll be considered for these positions and we’ll also match you to similar positions as they become available.

If you aren’t able to apply for a position online, you can email a resume and the title of the job posting to resumes@excel-partners.com. A Microsoft Word or compatible document is preferred.
What is the next step after submitting an application?
We review every resume we receive. If you are considered the best fit for one of our open positions, a recruiter will contact you for a personal interview. Depending on the position and the requirements of our client, interviews will be done in person at our office or electronic using Skype or something similar.
On average, how long will it take for you to find me a job?
Sometimes we can offer you a position immediately. In general, the time needed to place you will depend on your skills, experience, availability and the type of position you are seeking.
What is the difference between a temporary and a permanent position?
A temporary position can help you bridge a gap in employment, gain valuable experience and get a foot in the door with the company of your dreams. Temporary assignments can last for days, months or years and can be either full-time or part-time. When being considered for a temporary job, we will inform you of job details and the anticipated length of the assignment. While on a temporary assignment, Excel Partners is your employer and you will receive benefits as our employee. Clients always have the choice to hire you permanently.

A permanent position is one in which you are hired directly by our client. You will be on our client’s payroll and receive any benefits they may offer. Permanent jobs can be either full-time or part-time.
Why would I work with Excel Partners rather than another Staffing Agency?
Our experienced, full-service recruiting team will listen to your needs to find the right position for our qualified candidates. With 20+ years in this business, we have relationships with a variety of local companies so that we can match you with great positions. You can trust that we will always be transparent with you and have open lines of communication throughout the process.
Should I schedule an appointment with a recruiter or should I just come in and apply?
Please set up an appointment to ensure that you have the most effective time here and that our staff is available. However, the best method to start the process is to Search Jobs and apply online.
How do I know what kind of jobs Excel Partners has available?
We specialize in staffing temporary, permanent and contract positions in a variety of industries. Check our Specialties page for more details.
What types of organizations does Excel Partners work with?
Our clients range from small companies with a handful of employees to large Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. We will pair you with a company that not only fits your background and experience, but has the ideal size, culture, and values that you do.
How much does it cost for Excel to find me a job?
Our service is free to job seekers. Our fees are covered by our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the pre-employment process

Does Excel keep my search confidential?
We will keep your application, documents, and search confidential. We will only present your information to our client if we have your permission.
Am I required to complete any computer skills testing?
Depending on the position, it may require some form of skills testing. Not all positions require testing, but if they do, then we could provide a way for you to take them online from the comfort of your home. Online training courses are also offered if you need a refresher or are looking to brush up on some skills. Ask your recruiter for more information.
Does Excel Partners offer advice or consultation resume writing and interviewing?
Our recruiters will prepare each candidate for an interview. This may include how to conduct yourself, what to expect, and what research to conduct.

Also, for a free electronic copy of our career counseling and resume writing workbook “Don’t Interview…Audition” send an email to workbook@excel-partners.com and include “Interview” in the subject line.

Finally, numerous articles and tips are available through our Candidate Resource Center.
Am I required to complete any drug testing?
We have some positions that require various forms of testing and some that do not. It depends on the type of position and our client’s policy. We will let you know if any testing is required before submitting your resume to our client.
Does Excel Partners conduct background and credit checks?
This is usually dependent upon our client and their requirements for employment.