Referral Bonus

How Referrals Work

Over the years, many of the candidates we have placed and many of the companies who we do business with have been referred by friends, co-workers or relatives.

To show our gratitude, if you refer a candidate who we place into a job assignment or, if you refer a client company and we fill one of their assignments, a referral bonus will apply.

When you refer a friend/family member/business associate who is placed in a permanent position, our referral bonus starts at $250. This bonus will be issued upon the candidate completing 90 days of employment.

When you refer a temporary candidate, a $50.00 bonus will be paid upon a candidate completing 40 hours of work.

When you refer a company, a $100.00 bonus will be paid upon the company utilizing our service for 100 hours, or hires a candidate permanently.

Refer a friend and earn $250 or more!

Refer a company and earn $100 or more!