• Job Number 528225
  • Type Temp
  • Location Port Chester, NY
  • Pay $21/hr
  • Referral Bonus $50


Job Description:

Valcon Construction Advisors, Inc.
Port Chester, NY

Long-Term Temp Assignment-Maternity Coverage

Train three days week with Linda Wrobel (person going out on maternity leave) in their office, starting April, 12th until mid of May, then go fulltime maybe two weeks before the perm employee goes on maternity leave starting around May 24th, returning around the end of August-beginning of Sept.

9-5 Monday-Friday, some days might be a bit quiet.
Remote position
Will need to go into the office a couple days week to print checks, check the mail etc.

This person needs to be detailed oriented and deadline driven. There are constant deadlines that need to be met from a financial perspective and if they are not met it can cost the firm money. Someone that has the bookkeeping experience.

Michael the owner has to approve certain things that drive the business and most of them are deadline driven

Position is the following 50/50

  • Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Day to day invoicing
  • Vendor Payables
  • Deposit checks
  • Bill out time from the PM's to the projects

DRAW- A draw request is an aggregation of invoices, receipts, budgets, change orders and lien releases. The developer or general contractor is responsible for collecting all of the documents from contractors and suppliers.

Once a draw is requested, it fires off the following items that are all deadline driven and be very time consuming
  • Title letters have to be researched
  • Funding Dates have to be met
  • Constructions Audits have to happen
  • You have 6 of these jobs going on right now

Learn hard and soft costs
At a very high-level, hard costs include expenses directly related to the physical construction of a building. In comparison, soft costs are any expenses that are not directly related to construction costs.